Parmigiani Fleurier in Mosimann’s

Having previously worked for Parmigiani Fleurier  photographing their boutique they got in touch asking if I could photograph a private dining room they had designed and installed at the famous and very exclusive Mosimann Restaurant in London. Parmigiani were after a set of Interior Photographs that conveyed the feeling of both Mosimann and Parmigiani as a brand; luxurious, personal and exclusivity were some of the feelings I get from looking at these brands, so with this in mind I set out to photograph the interior and here is the resulting images:

Mosimann_Parmigiani01 Mosimann_Parmigiani16 Mosimann_Parmigiani18 Mosimann_Parmigiani19 Mosimann_Parmigiani13 Mosimann_Parmigiani15 Mosimann_Parmigiani20 Mosimann_Parmigiani22

image is copyright property of Nicholas Adams (

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